Why Wash?

  A weekly car wash is a small investment that can pay off with multiple benefits  A clean car looks better, communicates pride, and can even build confidence. What’s even better is the fact that regular washes may even save you money by protecting your car from etching, discoloration, fading, rusting and more from everyday threats. 

Common Threats

Splattered Bugs

  Bug splatters not only look disgusting but are damaging to your car by bonding to the paint and finish. The longer bug remains sit on your exterior, the hard it is to remove them without chipping the paint or damaging the finish of a car. During “bug season” it is very important to wash regularly.

Bird Droppings

 Bird droppings are acidic and when left to dry up and harden will cause etching and damage to your vehicle’s paint. The longer the droppings remain, the greater the damage to the automotive paint. It’s important to remove these deposits quickly to avoid long term damage. 


Road salt is corrosive and will lead to paint damage and rust if not washed off regularly. Unfortunately this process is accelerated for those that park in a garage. A warm garage is great for the driver, as well as the motor and transmission of the vehicle, but consistently going from warm to cold temperature expedites the corrosive nature of road salt.

Long Commute

  If you drive a relatively far distance during your daily commute, environmental contaminants like dirt, dust, pollen, gravel, bugs and air pollutants can damage your car. Consider weekly washing as a preventive maintenance step. 


Heat accelerates damage caused by all of the above. Excessive exposure to sun and heat can also melt the wax protection off your car, reducing the protection between contaminants and the automotive paint.